Terms of Use

Once you register on Filipinohugs as a member, you accept these Terms and Conditions (GTC). It is the German law.
1 Subject of the business relations
Filipinohugs offers access to a database that can be accessed from different domains. Members can create a profile of yourself for other members to view it. The profile can be viewed by all members of this site or from an associated website Filipinohugs. Registered users can use all services in different contracts. Paid services are previously displayed with their fees.

2 Duties of Members
A1. Members must be at least 18 years of age or older.
A2. Your information must be truthful and must not infringe the rights of third.
A3. You may not post insulting other members, harass or negatively adjust in some other undesirable form.
A4. It is illegal to insert pornographic, racist, abusive, vulgar, obscene, harassing, defamatory, offensive, prohibited or illegal material of any kind. It is illegal to insert in filipinohugs violates the rights of others, (among others, but not bears solely industrial property rights, publicity rights, privacy,) in the image or writing.
A5. Contact other members may be used only for the communication to know each other. Commercial use is prohibited.
A6. A listing of contact information in your public profile (eg e-mail, messenger ID, telephone number, home address, etc or any other way of the contact information) is not permitted. Contact details must be entered in the space provided under "Contact Information". Any violation results in immediate deletion of the data and can have a termination of your membership as follow.
A7. Your Membership is solely for your own personal use. A passing of your profile to a third person or institution is not permitted.
Any violation of these conditions, is the termination of service for the user.

3 Announce Membership
B1. The membership may be terminated by the member at any time and without disclosures of reasons.
B2. Filipinohugs may terminate at any time by any breach of these general Terms and Conditions.
B3. The operation of the web site and the service can be adjusted at any time by Filipinohugs.

4 Costs
C1. To use filipinohugs as a normal member is free. You can see in menue of your membership the prices for the gold membership

5 Privacy Policy
The opposite Filipinohugs submitted information is deemed confidential and not released for publication unless otherwise agreed. Filipino Hugs stores its data in digital form for mechanical processes and tasks for the website and service. Filipinohugs transferred passwords will be kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties without the user approval.

6 Sending of advertising
Filipinohugs is sending to members advertising and information for the service of this Website.

7 Disclaimer
D1. Filipinohugs are not liable for the accuracy of its members data. The data will be entered into a database individual by the members. Filipinohugs does not affect the correctness, accuracy of this information. Filipinohugs assumes no liability. Every member has to make as itself to exercise caution with communicate of other persons.
D2. Filipinohugs accepts no liability for any financial, physical or other damage resulting from the use of this service arise or can arise.
D3. Filipinohugs will no liability by members or by unauthorized access by hackers assume

8 Disclaimer of Warranties
E1. Filipinohugs does not warrant that the service is always available, or that the use of this service functions safely, accurately and without interference.

If any part of these Terms is invalid so will so will be replaced takeover legislation or it has to be made a meaningful interpretation appropriate . The validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions shall not be affected by the possible invalidity of any part of the Terms and Conditions.

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